Chris Zimmerman

I am a postdoctoral fellow at the Princeton Neuroscience Institute. I study the neural mechanisms that govern motivated behaviors. My graduate research focused on thirst and drinking behavior. You can find my CV here and read coverage of my work here.

Current: Postdoctoral fellow in Ilana Witten’s lab at Princeton, 2019–Present
Former: Graduate student in Zachary Knight’s lab at UCSF, 2013–2019

— Zimmerman CA. The origins of thirst. Science 370, 45⁠–⁠46, 2020. [html] [pdf] [press release]
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— Leib DE*, Zimmerman CA*, Poormoghaddam A, Huey EL, Ahn JS, Lin YC, Tan CL, Chen Y, Knight ZA. The forebrain thirst circuit drives drinking through negative reinforcement. Neuron 96, 1272⁠–⁠1281, 2017. *Equal contributions [html] [pdf]
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Email: czimmerman@princeton.edu
Office: Princeton Neuroscience Institute, Room 184E